What is Wood Plastic Composite?

WPC or Wood Plastic Composite is a material that is created from the blending of natural wood and plastic fibers, sawdust, bamboo and various other materials that are ultimately combined with plastic powder in order to form WPC.

The most amazing aspect of WPC is that it can be entirely created from recycled materials and can even be recycled to create brand new WPC, this fact makes WPC the ultimate recyclable commodity.

What Makes WPC Revolutionary?

As WPC formation basically starts as a paste, it can be moulded into any shape and size. This incredible flexibility is extended to colours as well. WPC can be dyed or coloured to suit any and every design scheme. The perfect material for a tailor-made solution.

The Definitive Lumber Alternative

WPC can be used for a variety of projects much in the same way as natural lumber. WPC is as easy to work with as wood. In fact, compared to regular wood, materials like nails, screws actually achieve a better hold in WPC.

WPC is also less likely to split or break when screws are used near the plank endings, which is usually a common occurrence when using real wood.

The Test Of Time

WPC is also equipped to handle weather changes with considerably less damage than average materials. WPC is a material that stands the test of time. Looking for the ultimate material for your next project? WPC just might be the one for you.

Water Proof

Termite and Border Proof

Environment Friendly


Fire Retardant

Moisture Proof

Years Of Warranty

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